Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10th: Enjoying the Festivities and taking some time to Aclimatize.

May 10th

This morning, the group walked up to Anil’s brother’s store for some nice refreshing cold drinks, Coke is pretty popular around here. From there we caught tuk tuks to Palm Paradise Hotel, where the previous Developing World Connections groups have stayed. It is a great place for the shorter term volunteer experiences, but for us students, who are staying in the area for more than 4 weeks, it would become a bit pricey althought the food is wonderful and we had a wonderful day on the beach, located just outside the hotel.

Those of us with computers, or techno-geeks with iPod Touches,(that’s you, Brendan and Albert!) used the hotel's wireless internet to catch up on some emails. We checked out the Canucks scores - Eric was pretty sad as he lost 100 rupees on a little bet with Albert- both of them are the "sports guys" on the trip. We had a good lunch of Jaffles and fries, and then sat on the beach some more and had an awesome tuna curry and rice buffet.
Overall this weekend has been wonderful and relaxing. The full moon celebrations have allowed us to rest up and aclimatize, but we are looking forward to getting our hands dirty and being busy volunteering on the Trades Training Facility and temple wall next week.

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