Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25th: Heading into our last week of work.

We are getting so much done! Today, 4 of the group went to the temple wall and worked with the locals to plaster 70 % of it! They will be able to finish tomorrow, and then the whole group is going to go for a painting party on Wednesday to complete the project. We went from nothing to a painted wall, amazing! At the Trades Training Facility (TTF), things really picked up today again. The weather was back to smoking hot with no rain, and we managed to pour concrete in three sections of the foundation- 2 external perimeter lines and 1 interior wall line. It looks like we may actually completely finish the foundation of the building before we go, which would be a great accomplishment!

For lunch today, we had another nice bakery lunch, this time picked up on the way to work. Fish samosas, plain bread buns, sugar buns and mangos made for a nice meal. We even played some cricket again today- some of us decided we should try and play back home, although the rules are still a little confusing. We went out for a late dinner and had some really nice calamari, chicken, salads and fries. Ice cream and fried banana fritters were delicious for dessert! Back to work in the morning.

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