Monday, June 1, 2009

May 27th: Unexpected day off!

Ah, we said goodbye again for now to the recently nice weather. After driving all the way to the Trades Training Facility (TTF) as a group (all 15 of us), we found that the rain was too strong and likely to continue; a full work day, paying the local workers and spending our time at the site, wasn’t really in the cards for us today. As such, we turned around and headed back to Wavy Ocean by about 8:30 in the morning, having already stopped at a bakery on the way to work to pick up a lunch! After I had a meeting with Anil and Ruwan regarding budgeting for the balance of our stay here in Sri Lanka and the rest of the group partook in some lazy coffee drinking and napping, everyone headed downtown to go do some errands. Everyone was very happy to hear today that our budget is working out nicely, such that we will be able to continue paying for almost everything with the money that the group already put toward the trip right through to the end of our travels, and then even probably have a little money left over!

After people picked up some cash from the bank for shopping during the cultural trip, some headed home for more lazing and napping while others did a little clothes shopping. We all met up again at around 3pm, when most of us went to the beach to play some volleyball and cricket (bowling with a mango seed- very basic cricket indeed!). We did a little inventory on the food that we have stockpiled over the last few weeks so that we could plan the rest of our meals in Tangalle. We only have 5 full days left, and we will all be together at the work sites for the remainder of our days here. It will be nice to have the entire group together for a few days at the sites too- we have some good team work pouring concrete at the TTF and carrying it in buckets in a line (we call it the ‘assembly line’) and we will be able to paint the temple wall on Friday which should be fun!

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