Monday, June 1, 2009

May 30th: Our last day of work.

Today, we had our last regular day of work before the cultural tour. We just can’t get over how quickly this trip has been flying by- it will be so sad when it comes to an end! All together at the Trades Training Facility (TTF), we poured the final interior concrete beam to finish the bulk of the building’s foundation. We then prepared an outside entryway foundation (touching up trenches and installing rebar) to pour concrete on Monday. When we finish this, we will be able to say that we basically started and finished the entire foundation for the building at the facility complex. After work, we headed straight to a boarding school for deaf children. The school was quite nice, with a large open property and kind staff. Some of the children are amazing artists and actually keep a small gallery at the school to raise funds for their studies and materials. Their work is fantastic- holding an incredible likeness to what comes out of art schools like Emily Carr in Vancouver (seriously- we were expecting child-like scribbles and hand prints but the students’ work is unreal- you’ll see if your friend/family members picked up any pieces!). After spending some time at the school, we headed back to Wavy Ocean for a shower and then walked downtown to pick up some food from Food City and do a little clothes shopping. Most people took tuk-tuks (nice play on words no?) back to Wavy Ocean from the grocery store because it was absolutely pouring outside.

Tonight, we just took it easy at our place, listening to some music, and playing cards. We had a nice soup dinner (thanks to Hilda for being the head chef on our soups!) and are excited to head out on our tour to Galle in the morning!

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