Monday, June 15, 2009

Some Final Thoughts as the Students leave Sri Lanka.

We have had a wonderful cultural tour. The last several days have been spent on seeing amazing parts of Sri Lanka and enjoying Poya (full moon holiday).

On June 8th we had our last formal meeting at dinner, talking about the potential for future work with Developing World Connections and also just about keeping in touch and maintaining the great bonds (cheesy I know, but it’s true!) that we have been fortunate enough to make on this trip. I still can’t get over how great everyone is and how well we get along! Most of us swam and hung out until the sun rose in the morning- quite the evening!

The trip is over! I think I can speak for the whole group in saying that it went by WAY too quickly. But, that’s only because it ended up being such a great experience for everyone (I think/hope!). I would like to thank the group one last time for being so amazing- it sounds very very cheesy and melodramatic, but I cannot imagine a better group for our trip. Everyone worked super hard when we were at the temple, the worker’s house and the Trades Training Facility and we got a huge amount of work done in the volunteer portion of our trip. Outside of the volunteering, everyone put in the effort to make good friends and have a great time together instead of being antisocial or selfish at any stage of the trip. Thank you so much for everything that you put into this trip- it was a pleasure to be able to spend these past 5 weeks with you and I can’t wait to reunite in September!

Devon Rasmussen
Student Team Leader
Developing World Connections

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