Monday, January 25, 2010

January 2010: The DWC Sri Lanka Team.

These are some observations I've made about our group. Terri has also helped me describe this group to you. It is a truly wonderful group, it is so diverse but it just works. I have gotten to know some more then others so sorry if some aren't as descriptive (I'm excited to get to know everyone more). It has truly been a pleasure getting to know everyone, and everyone brings something to the table. So here is the breakdown of the group, so when we blog in the future you can have a little background of who we are talking about!

Tim - is our fearless leader. He has unbelievable compassion for every group member and the people of Sri Lanka. He brings so much knowledge of building and has great patience while teaching the rest of the group. He is an easy going leader but so effective at managing the groups productivity. Tim is so approachable and understanding of everyones work abilities and individual needs.

Deb - is the glue that holds the group together, she is supportive not only to her family but our group as a whole. She always has a smile on her face no matter what work we're doing. She brings a sense of comfort to everyone around her, and makes you feel at ease.

Danika- has a real presence in the group. She's very open and expressive, and genuinely honest. She shares the title of youngest in the group and is infectious with her enthusiasm and love for life.

Dan- is probably the hardest working person I have ever met. He is an energizer bunny, he never stops until we tell him he needs to rest or he's going to wear himself out…and he still fights it. He is a very giving person, he always wants to make sure the person next to him has a beer in there hand or is feeling good. He genuinely cares about everyone. He has a wonderful charisma and a great sense of humour.

Terri - is a beautiful person both inside and out. She is very kind and calming. She is very easy to connect to on a deeper level. Like her husband (Dan) she genuinely cares about everyone.

Terry- is in his mid 60's, has travelled to Sri Lanka on several occasions chairs the Kamloops Tangelle Friendship Committee. Many children in Tangelle are lucky enough to have one of Terry's homemade wooden toys and if they don't now they will after we hand out the hundreds that we have brought. Terry has so much knowledge of Tangelle but I believe his most important quality is his encouragement to everyone in the group.

Jim- is the oldest member of the group, in his own worlds our Grandpa Smurf. He's 76, and is the father/grandfather figure to all the group. He is very sweet and wants to learn about each individual. He is also our designated rock organizer in the cement mixing chain.

Gerry- is Jim's partner in crime. Gerry's presence is always known, he is very vocal and has a lot of great stories. He is very particular with his wheelbarrow, his favourite has wooden handles…and as he says wooden handles, wooden head.

Lisa- is the mother figure to the young six. She keeps the young ones in check and organized. If something is needed Lisa has it or will help us to find it. She is a hard worker and a good role model for the rest of us.

Gemma - a magnet, she is a vibrant little firecracker. She is a grade 10 student who has a bet with a classmate that she won't wash her hair for the full two weeks we're here, we've tried to pursued her but she is determined. We're all hoping the ocean is cleaning her hair for her.

Ruth- is the unassuming worker, she quietly slips back to work setting the example for the rest to follow. She is a positive hard working role model for both her daughter and the rest of the group.

Brian- is so knowledgeable about the work we are doing. He absorbs the working ways of the locals and silently leads in projects. He also does solo projects that push the progression forward.

Jennifer- is such a sweet girl, she shares the title as the youngest. She is very composed and wise beyond her years. She is very brave, when swimming in the big waves, she's the one pushing us to go farther.

Paige- I am lucky enough to share a room with Paige. She has a very interesting outlook on life and with the time i've spent with her she has broadened the way I think. She is very independent and pushes herself hard to get work done.

Warren-is our only overseas member, he comes to us from London, England. He has done work with DWC in Rawanda and has joined our group here. Debbie told me of her experience with Warren in the special needs school and said he has an absolute gift. The kids were drawn to him like a magnet. I look forward to seeing him in his element when we visit this school. His work ethic is apparent to everyone. He is a very warm person and you can see the connections he makes with the workers.

Makenzie - is a sponge, she takes in everything that is said. She loves to communicate and this was very apparent to me when we visited the school. The kids were very drawn to her and she was able to photograph them. Photography is her passion and she takes every chance she gets to take pictures of nature, our group, and the people of Sri Lanka.

Leah (Me) - I'm here freelance reporting, to bring the stories of Sri Lanka and the work DWC has done back to Kamloops. I work the camera part time and work on the site part time.

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