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Monday, April 19th: The group has been split into three Teams.

Our first work day began with Yoga on beach which all attended. Yogi Ron was attempting to give instruction but he was one upped by Daniela who seemed to know what she was doing. Then Breakfast and the announcement of the three teams. No way to have the two S’s on the same team as they seemed to have trouble getting to breakfast on time. Had to send one of our shriekers to arouse them. Mind you they did come all ready to depart when they did appear.Time to separate the pair of live wires. Photographs taken, first aid discussed and workplace routine and etiquette for those capable of taking everything in. Some members of the teams we not too alert and had to be prodded along. There was spectacular sight as we set off for the day when the Rogers Team showed off the Special Sri Lanka team shirts showing the Canada flag and Sri Lanka Flag, their names and other symbolic messages..Mind you they seemed to have some kind strange chant for Sri Lanka ending is a strangulated sort of shrieking...

Off to work driven by Anil and Rohan to the three sites went the teams. At the end of the day during which survival was at times questionable a cocktail party was hosted by Sue, Liz Ron and George..the only problem being someone forgot to invite Ron although he should have known as he was the host and providing goodies..However he sniffed about and realized that there was a good BENDER (party) going on and turned up..In the midst of the party some bags of clean laundry were delivered in the dark under the trees. Such great service here. Next on to dinner where fish was consumed along with the usual libations. Quantity unspecified. We were joined for dinner by Bruce and Janet’s friends Michael, Alison and Steele Forbes. Great Evening.

The Work Teams:
Team ONE:
This is the team of Mme Boss and Mrs A (for action) plus acolytes Ian, Brian, Barb and the son of the president..Namasita Sterling. Many favours have been given unfairly to this team due to the exalted status of the prestigious member who traded constantly on his father’s name..shameless really.Awesome work taking place at this house for the family of Kamala and Lakshman, Halshana and Isurika Masons Ajit and Podik and workers Senevi and Ari. Jobs to be done sifting sand for plaster, make plaster and level ground around house. What was achieved; Ian and Bryan plastered. Materials used 3 bags of cement, 2 hills of sand sifted, 2 plus batches of cement made, 3 walls done and laughter quotient was infinity. Only 3 visits to the toilet. On the ride home Sterling went shopping in Tangalle which resulted is a form of adulation which he did not deserve. Grocery clerks bowed down to him and caused him a severely inflated ego. He has now changed his name to Nama officially and will not be returning to Canada at this point. Of course, that could change..

Team TWO:
The scene at this team's work site was a scene of frenzied activity. Materials used consisted of 14 mixes of concrete produced using 7 bags of cement, 28 wheel barrels of gravel, 21 wheel barrels of sand. The family of Somaseeli includes Amali, Nayani, Thilini, Nuwan( who is deaf and a delight in every way). The Team members are as follows, Susan ( fearless Leader), George, Steve and Hilary. The team quickly became know as BBBC or Bebe, Baba, Bomba and Curious George (who had wandered off in to the bush for some strange reason) and thus got the name of Curious..He also seems to make a squeeking noise at the end of the team chant which is accompanied by Bomba and Baba dancing on the top of the gravel pile (working at the same time of course). Luckily the team pulled itself together and work so smoothly with their bucket brigade that they got the cement floors for 3 of the rooms and most of the floor for the living room done. Wha-hoo!!!

Yes ..this team was 'Hot" - consisting of Bruce, Liz, Ron and Daniela: They were very busy rushing to and fro making plaster for the house of Serath, Seeta and Nashini. The local workers are Kal, Vijay and Priyanti. Well they thought they were making plaster but an over abundance of sand caused a false start. A lot of slapping at the walls to no effect slowed them down as well and they managed to cover themselves and the floor in soggy sort of plops. However the workers were very pleased and told them what a fine job they were doing. Part of the time was spent scraping up what had been dropped and taking it back to the original slab to have it mixed again. Once they got going boy did they move to do the job. A highlight of the day was the tea break where special cashews from the cashew tree were served with tea. Family members were visiting including Seeta’s nephew who helping with sifting the sand. He was very good at this and that helped. A special feature of the day was observing first hand the preparation of beetle nut which was enjoyed by certain of the house family and hangers on. Big accomplishment at 2 outside walls were completed. I saw Bruce at work and he was really going at it.

Daily Scruff-us:
What a feast the villagers prepared us for lunch. It was so delicious and there were many wonderful dishes. We are do luck

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