Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: The countdown begins

In 2 days, the Softchoice Cares group will be leaving for Sri Lanka. After months of preparation, I can’t believe it is almost time to go! I think we are all very excited about the opportunity to have a positive impact in Tangalle but some of us may be a little nervous about what to expect. I’m told it’s raining quite a bit!!!

Softchoice employees and friends have donated many items… to the point where our duffel bags are almost full! We have received school supplies, kids clothes, first aid supplies, soccer cleats, toys etc… This translates to approx. 750 pounds of donations!!!!

Chris Tang is working like mad to get all 20 computers loaded and ready to go to Sri Lanka for the computer lab in their school! I know he’ll get it done on time though, Go Chris, Go!

Nick Foster
DWC Team Leader
Sri Lanka 2010

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