Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Dmac's Update

Yesterday was another activity filled day. We went to a small desolate 5 room school with over 100 bright and beautiful kids between grade 1 and 5. All are dressed in uniforms with crisp white shirts and little ties. It is hard to imagine the contrast of the facilities and the children's dress. They graciously accepted our donation of school supplies sent by our friends and families back in North America. It is clear that Sri Lankans are very committed to educating their kids for a better tomorrow. However their resources are very thin. Population growth does not seem to be an issue as most families have a minimum of two children. All of the kids love to try out their english on us. Common questions are; "how are you", "what is your name", "where are you from". They smile when we take pictures and love to see to digital image on the back of the camera!

We worked at the home doing more concrete work on the walls. Sergio at 6'2" is the de facto painter as he towers over the Sri Lankan men. Upon our return from lunch we brought a replacement wheel barrow. The one on the work site was at least 30 years old and could no longer hold any sand. The look on the family's face as Sergio wheeled me up the drive in it, was sheer delight. We could now move concrete and sand around at twice the pace. There is so little investment in tools and productivity here by the locals it is sobering. It is clear without external stimulus the development here in Sri Lanka will crawl.

Today we will have the official ceremony at the school with our computer lab. Over 100 guests will attend the event. We will be proud on behalf of the employees of Softchoice to receive their gracious thanks for our contribution to their children's future.

Dmac (Softchoice President)
DWC Participant
Sri Lanka 2010

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