Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Weekend Update

After a long week of work, the work week ended with a celebration. As Dave alluded to in his post, the team was overwhelmed with emotions. Something about the Sri Lankan people always puts a smile to my face. They have welcomed us with open arms and hearts. The people we have worked with not only became friends, they'll always be in our memories forever. I forgot to mention, they'll be on our Facebook pages as well :).

This weekend the team had some R&R time. We spent most of Saturday touring Galle and made some stops along the way. Our time in Galle as mostly spent at Galle Fort: essentially a small part of the larger city confined within a fort. There were many boutiques with the various arts from Sri lanka as well as teas & coffees and jewelery. The most impressive place of all was Shoba Display Gallery, a store that sells arts and crafts from women devastated by the Tsunami, Softchoice Folks -- We have some stuff for you as well!!

Sunday the team split in two, 1/2 the team went to visit the Elephant Park, while the other went to various Buddhist temples and to see the blow hole. The 2nd team managed to see a whole collection of animals from Bats to Iguanas, to Monkeys, to some lizard thing I can't remember the name of.

This coming week the team plans on completing one house build, working on a Habitat for Humanity build, continued work on the Trades Training Facility, and working more in the computer lab teaching the children computer skills.

More updates to come (and pictures) to come as the week goes by.

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Sri Lanka 2010

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