Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 2011: Day four on the project

Day Four was another hot one in Tangalle. After a massive breakfast we headed off to a senior English class where we were interviewed about our favorite fruit and likes and dislikes. Surprisingly a lot of the students dislike mango and banana. I guess when it's everywhere you look you might get sick of it pretty easily. Since we were late getting to the work site due to class we knew had to work hard, so we got down and dirty mixing cement and pouring floors all day. Some of us got to whitewash the new walls, while others had the dusty task of breaking old plaster off some walls, followed by rubble clearing. A tough day, but a good one!

Of course any volunteer trip isn't a completely serious affair. We've had lots of fun working with the locals, giving each other nicknames and of course making fun of each other when we say silly things. We're starting to collect a nice list of silly things Westerners say. I won't tell you who said what, but one of the best has to do with inquiries about snow removal on the narrow back roads. And of course injuries are unavoidable with hard work. Pretty standard stuff, really: Sunburn, blisters, heat-rash, chafing. All signs of a hard work and a good time.

Kristian Bruun
DWC Participant
Sri Lanka, April 2011

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