Friday, November 16, 2012

Nov 16: Many memories and highlights

With the project at SEEDS Training Centre now complete, our group of "odds and sods" will be leaving with many memories and a heart filled with love for the country and its people. Some highlights over the last week include the final selection of the Tangelle-Kamloops Scholarship student.  A young girl named Rumesha will be the fourth student to spend time in Kamloops learning the language and the culture.  She along with her sister Madu entertained us at our celebration dinner in full Sri Lankan costume.  We handed out 75 certificates to the students at the school on Wednesday and heard testimonials from graduates who have now been able to earn a living and support their families after completing their training in slipper making, doll making, t-shirt making and batik. We also toured the Rock Temple and spent time at the spectacularly scenic Blow Hole.  Lastly, we were entertained by Reshika (last years scholarship student) and her family for tea and sent our pair of kittens off to their new home. 

The storms and monsoon rains come regularly at this time of year and we have witnessed light shows that would rival the best fireworks display. As we depart tomorrow we are determined to keep in touch with each other and are committed to return.

Terri Axani
DWC Participant  
Sri Lanka, November 2012

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