Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17: Saved by Suresh!

Yes, the smell of diesel continued at the temple again this morning, this time with half the team lugging buckets of cement around the perimeter of the building until late morning when "woo hoo!!!!!" was heard across the land and the cement work was complete. The monster cement mixer was then trucked away for it's next job hopefully far, far away from our site. The team then switched gears to parging where the awards went to Jason for always having a trowel full of mud ready to go, to David for having the honor of actually shaping the walls and to Kristian for overall parging talent.

The other half of the team spent the day at the school painting, and painting, and painting. Most outer walls now have a first or second coat, and the front entrance arch has never looked so good.  The biggest challenge with painting was the wall height. Picture this: 4 Canadian gals staring up at an 11 foot high wall wondering how they are going to paint that high. Attempts at standing on school desks and chairs only got them so far. Then like a knight in shining armor the girls were saved by Suresh who whittled down the end of 2 long pieces of bamboo and they became pole extensions to attach to the end of the rollers. Brilliant. Trust 1 Sri Lankan to have a more innovative creative idea than 4 Canadians combined, any day.      

Penny Gumley
DWC Participant
Sri Lanka, April 2013

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