Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 16: A brief update from the Glovers

A small team of three family members from Kamloops spent two weeks volunteering at a preschool in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. They worked on replacing an exterior wall that separates the preschool from the main highway and building a small outdoor sink/washing up area.

The team also had the opportunity to hand out four computers to students that were donated by TRIP's Janet McKelvey. Not only does Janet and her TRIP volunteer team travel to Sri Lanka on a yearly basis to support a rebuilt tsunami village, she does various fundraising activities during the year to support students in Sri Lanka.

Annette handing out a computer.
Drew handing out a computer.
Jolene handing out a computer.
The volunteer team with the four students who received computers.

The extremely humid weather has meant the team is drinking lots of water (and beer!). The group saw turtles, birds, and elephants over the weekend, and they are planning to visit with old acquaintances during their stay.

Sarah Johnstone
DWC Communications Coordinator

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