Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2: Day 2 - Working on the project & at the eye clinic

We were going to tour the DWC project sites, but got word that the project needed us! The first day was seeing the site of the project - Navajeevana means "new life" and is a non-profit organization that provides services for people with disabilities.

Its founder and Executive Director is Kumi - a lovely, energetic, passionate, and charming 75 year old who has committed her life to the work. Kumi is a dynamic woman and a strong leader in her field.

The project is to build an outdoor stage that will be used both by the facility for the children's shows and also as a revenue generator for Navajaveena as they can rent the stage for community functions.

The work needed to start to get the cement foundations set for the rest of the masonry. We met Podi, the master mason. He is a delightful, hard working man, and we took to him immediately.

We also started training with the eyeglasses clinic. Cathy had arranged for 3000 readers/sunglasses mix that the BC team brought as donations from Clearly Contacts. She had also donated 100 pairs of distance eye adjusters from Eyejusters, a an amazing company that was founded to create adjustable glasses for hundreds of millions of people worldwide with poor vision. Each pair of glasses has adjustment dials that can change the prescription in an instant! Kumi had her staff attend the clinics, and the training of staff proceeded. They were thrilled!

Marcia Julian
DWC Team Leader
Sri Lanka: March 2015

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