Monday, April 27, 2015

April 24: Day 6 - Tired and Happy

Day four of hard work and our muscles are aching! It’s another sunny hot day here in paradise. We all celebrated Kim’s 25th (???) birthday last night where the staff at the hotel made her a beautiful cake and sang happy birthday with much enthusiasm. Everyone made her feel so special on a day that she was celebrating without any of her family.

Team 1 at Sudharma – One of the benefits of working on this site is that we are smack in the middle of the town, Tangalle. Richard led us on a quest for popsicles. The townspeople watched us as we paraded down the road to find Food City. Eight of us decided to remain in the air conditioned store as we enjoyed our treat. Glynes is our paint perfectionist. She spent most of her day adding something extra to the walls and windows of the community centre making it extra special for those who will use it.

Team 2 started the day off when “popping pill” Mary took her vitamins as usual but mistakenly included her sleeping pill in the mix. Mary slept until she joined the crew delivering lunch to the sites. Rockin’ Ron was dancing to Sri Lankan disco in the middle of the construction zone. We did 14 cement loads and the skirt of the new building is done. We all (including our Sri Lankan colleagues) put our initials into the cement…even though they will be covered up with bricks.

Team 3 was at the Muslim School. We had the kids and music to give us energy but we all felt a bit tired…..and we had a good laugh when Joan’s camera posted the message ‘Exhausted Battery’.

Kylie was sifting the sand for parging, which is hard work.The highlight of the day was when we created an impromptu band – our colleagues using the most basic of construction equipment to create the percussion. Kristian sang Electric Avenue….and we all joined in for the chorus. 

The day was capped with a magical evening at Hotel Amanwella. Delicious seafood dinner by the beach, listening to local musicians and the sounds of the waves.

Janet McKelvey 
DWC/TRIP Canada Team Leader 
Sri Lanka, April 2015 

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