Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 13th: Musical worksites - the groups move around.

Today, the temple group went to the Trades Training Facility(TTF) and the previous TTF group split up into two groups of 4 to work at the temple wall and a house for a worker just down the road from the temple. Work at all the sites went well. At the TTF, the foundation rocks are still being laid; at the temple, we finished pouring the concrete foundation for the wall, and all that is left is brick laying. At the house, the group finished pouring the concrete floor and will start plastering soon.

It was nice to have a change of pace and work at the different sites today. The group new to the temple was able to enjoy the company and generosity of the head monk. We were treated to beautiful pineapples and mangos picked right off of the temple grounds and the monk also showed us some of his photo albums of trips to Malaysia and India. The group new to the TTF enjoyed playing some volleyball with the workers and had a good work day overall. Jocelyn burnt a few of her fingers on the stove tonight, but we got them cooled down with an ice cold beer bottle and dressed them really well overnight with aloe and polysporin burn ointment.

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