Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 14th: Tuk Tukking Around.

It seems like we are finally getting used to the heat! Today, the Trades Training Facility (TTF) group did a good job hauling rocks and mixing (and moving) cement for the masons. The rock foundation is almost done; concrete slab here we come! At the temple, the wall is progressing like crazy- in just a few days, after having mixed/poured all the concrete for the foundation, the community members with mason skills have laid almost all of the bricks for the ~4 foot wall! All that will be left soon is a quick plaster job and some paint! At the house (for a worker that is heavily involved in DWC projects) nearby the temple, a few group members have also been helping out with plastering. Those who went to do this today (including me!) had a great time; we all felt like we acquired/used some valuable trades skills!

After work, most of the group went to the beach for a ‘sea bath’ as so many Sri Lankans call it (a hop into the ocean to cool down). Jocelyn’s fingers were a lot better (despite a couple blisters!), but Karen unfortunately got a splinter at the TTF. After a laborious 45 minute ‘surgery’ of sorts with lots of support from fellow group members, we managed to get the little piece of wood out of her calf and clean her up quite nicely to avoid any nasty infections. She was a great sport and it was awesome that we were able to get out the wood before it caused any problems!

Finally, after the splinter removal, we caught some tuk tuks (everyone absolutely loves these things- lots of fun even to be in as passengers!) to go to a seafood restaurant actually called “Sea Food Restaurant”. We had a nice, somewhat American meal that was easy on everyone’s bellies, tuk tuked back (tuk tuk is a noun, verb and maybe even an adjective) and finally hit the sack. Off to the Internet tomorrow to say hi to people and post some more of our daily reports!

(P.S. if you are reading this and want to get in touch with someone on the trip, email: info@developingworldconnections for the DWC mobile phone number. )

This is our DWC mobile and is on me (Devon Rasmussen- the team leader) at almost all times except for when I’m swimming or in the shower! And it’s free for us to receive calls, so the only money/bill issue will be on your side :)

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