Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 15th: A quick update before the weekend!

A super quick entry because I am in the Internet café right now! Today, we again split into 3 groups- one to the Trades Training Facility (TTF), one to the temple, and one to the nearby house. The house plastering is going great (lots of fun!), the temple wall is actually already almost complete. All the bricks are laid and we poured most of the concrete pillars within the wall today- all that is left is plastering and painting! And the TTF is on its way to being ready for the massive job of pouring the slab. Thank goodness we are getting a mechanical concrete mixer for that job!

The temple group was treated today to beautiful watermelon from the head monk; we still cannot get over his amazing generosity! We also got to have a peak around his home- he showed us several photo albums of trips to Malaysia and India and also pointed out (outside) a giant squirrel as big as a cat! The animals here are very exotic.

After a little Internet session (that I am trailing in on), we are heading back for a little swim at the beach- this is the best way to cool down every day after work, and then dinner. Maybe a little cards tonight, and then up early as always (~6:30am our time) for a Saturday- half day of work and then basketball with one of our friends at the worksite! That’s it for now! We are all also very excited to go to Udewala to see elephants on Sunday!

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