Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 20th: Tricky Foundation Work

Today, no-one went to the temple (the workers were still working on the longitudinal beam wood frame so it will be ready for concrete pouring tomorrow), 4 people went to the house (Albert, Hilda, Amanda and Karen hadn’t been there yet) and the rest (11) went to the Trades Training Facility(TTF). The plastering at the house is going really well and everyone enjoys the work there. At the TTF, we are still plugging away at the somewhat complex foundation work. Today, we spent time leveling the soil around the concrete/rock wall built in the foundation and the workers started building a wood frame for more concrete pouring throughout the perimeter of the building foundation. At the TTF, we also got to play some cricket, which was lots of fun! After work, we bought some amazing mangos off the back of a vendor’s truck - I think they may be the best ones we have bought yet! We are excited for tomorrow- it is Patricia’s birthday, and we are having a “DJ party” at Lagoon Paradise, a beach resort nearby. One of the workers is also an employee of Ruwan’s DJ business and he is going to be mixing the music for the evening. Also, Anil and Ruwan managed to find someone who normally makes wedding cakes to make a great cake for Pat’s big 21! Tonight, we just made some nice soup, a salad and some naan for dinner.

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