Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 21st: Happy Birthday, Patricia!

Happy Birthday Patricia!! It is her 21st today! 21 on May 21st- a pretty big one! Today, unfortunately, only one worker showed up at the temple site, so we again sent 11 people to the Trades Training Facility (TTF) and just 4 to the house nearby the temple. Anil was quite upset with the lack of workers at the temple today and tried to talk to the head monk to ensure that we won’t have any more issues for the rest of the trip with workers not coming around to help out. Although all the workers at the temple are volunteer and we are supplying the building materials to the temple. In the meantime, plastering at the house is going really well (almost everyone has had a turn now- we will all come back as skilled laborers!) and the big group at the TTF today was able to get lots of work done on the foundation, pouring more concrete like crazy today.

On a completely different note, the weather has been changing quite a bit just in the last few days. Heavy rains have started, and we fear that we may be catching the beginning of monsoon season. It’s not dangerous or cold, but it really throws a fork in work at the sites, as concrete will not set very well (and can even wash away) in the rain, Also, we have a new guest staying amongst us. Suzi, the woman who came from Thompson Rivers University to finish her social work degree, has moved into the smaller guest house to have some roommates and more people around than her old apartment.

Anyway, we are off to our private DJ party for Pat’s birthday (and also Jo-Anne’s going away party; Jo-Anne is a Canadian volunteer who helped plan a great deal of our trip pre-departure) and are all very excited! We are going to have a great dinner, a huge birthday cake and dance the night away. This is a great opportunity for everyone to relax. Happy Birthday Pat!!

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