Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 22nd: Are the Rains upon us?

Ah, the rain is really killing us at the work site. Unfortunately, the monsoon season seems to be upon us. Today, after a few bouts of heavy rain and no sign of clear sky, we had to call it a day at 11:30am for both the Trades Training Facility (TTF) group and the house-plastering group. The rain washes away freshly poured concrete/cement and really throws a wrench in the day! After our very short day of work, some people did a little food and clothes shopping and others just went back for a nap to catch up on some sleep after the birthday party last night. After the nap people rustled out of bed, a bunch of us hit the beach for some volleyball and quick dips in the ocean. We had a classic (pretty greasy, but hey- we’re not at home!) chicken finger/fish cutlet/rice/salad dinner and then most people listened to some music and played cards into the night!

Going into our last week of work, I have talked to Anil about really pushing to get as much as we can done at the worksite in between rains. It looks like (if all goes as planned) by the time we leave, we will have plastered most of a house, built almost the entire foundation of one of the TTF buildings (minus the slab) and constructed the temple wall from bare ground to a fully plastered and painted entity! Not bad!

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