Monday, May 11, 2009

May 7th: Hot and Tired.

What a long day! I am just going to bed at 4:00am after quite the day. Today, the heat was absolutely unbearable, to the point that the Trades Training Facility group could barely work. But, we played a little volleyball with Ruwan’s cousin, Iresh, which was lots of fun.

The temple group spent time with the head monk and looked at his photos, drank tea and ate biscuits. It was a great cultural experience for them today! After working, both the temple group and the Trades Training Facility group headed for the internet cafe to send some quick emails home. Some of us headed to Food City to get lots of fruit and veggies for the next few days because during the full moon holiday everything will be closed. We also got some beer and Arrack. Arrack is a Sri Lankan hard liquor made from the coconut flower and typically mixed with Coke or Sprite. It is similar to scotch or whiskey. We had a little party in the evening after swimming and playing volleyball on the beach. We met some local Sri Lankans and Manrook and some friends, played their car stereo and we visited with them until about 2 am.

Most of participants are pumped and excited to be here but are also tired from the travel, maybe jet lag and the heat. It will take some getting used! I am off to bed...

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