Monday, May 11, 2009

May 8th: A day of Sports and Roti!

Today was our first opportunity to take some time and look around at the nearby beaches and town. We played volleyball at the most scenic court I have ever seen (even in movies), swam and played football with a number of local Sri Lankans who apparently play on the Tangalle team, they were very good.

Ranjit came over in the morning to discuss football clothing donations to the local sports rep and how they would be used. After our day of sporting activities, we met up with Anil and Jo-Anne at an outside area by a temple near the harbor for a full moon temple pilgrimage drink, a very tasty, sweet tapioca type of drink!. Following this, without any serious plan in mind, we were lucky enough be able to find a great place for lunch, where we all had Roti and watched a beautiful dance performance for more than an hour! After that, we walked around to the police station, the hospital and finally stopped at Food City for some refreshments and snacks, the 2 roti/person wasn’t quite enough.

Ruwan’s cousin, Iresh, spent the whole day with us which was very nice. After getting back from our long walking journey, everyone went to bed quite early except for Albert and I; we decided to cook a great meal to save time for the group in the morning. It took us till 1:00am! I will head out at 8 am tomorrow to get 150 roti from the vendor we saw today. We’ll freeze them and then have them on hand for a very quick lunch! Yum.

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