Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 2010: Thoughts from one of the youngest Participants

The trip is winding down and I'm going to fill in some blanks and my experience about this trip. A few days ago we went to Narasha's english school and got to see him and his class mates hard at work. The younger kids did a ceremony for us, they sang and did a prayer. I felt that I was wanted and really appreciated. Leah filmed it all and had to speak to about 1000 kids and teachers. The best part was after we all got to talk to the kids and got pictures with them. At first the younger kids were scared to come and talk to us but they warmed up and mobbed us they all wanted pictures and hugs and to shake our hands, they were sad when we left.

A side trip we went on was a scared buddhist temple that was over 800 hundred years old. It was on a mountain that looked over Tangelle. We climbed to the top (there were around 720 steps) and on the way we stopped in caves that had giant Buddha's. They even let us inside to take our pictures but we were not aloud to touch. Some of the girls climbed up one section of stairs that was the "adventurous route". They were slanted on a steep hill, it was like climbing up a ladder, we weren't scared but the others were. Our guide was very energetic, he ran up the stairs and they were steep stairs. When we got to the top it was beautiful. The monkeys tried to steal Gerry's hat, it was so funny he had no idea. We climbed down a path that got us to this rock landing that was probably 800 m tall. You could hear chanting from monks, and see the landscape of Sri Lanka. The parents were a little bit worried when the young girls scooted closer to the edge. Its hard to put into words how pretty it was. I don't think I will ever see a sight like that again.

My favourite thing to do after a long day of work is go in the ocean and play in the big waves. Sometimes its scary because you get swept under and can't get to the surface right away. I feel more confident in the waves now then when I first started. Gemma, Jenny, Makenzie, Leah, Paige, and I are always in the water. The parents sit in the bar and watch to make sure there are six heads always above the water. I'm going to the beach right now, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts!

DWC Volunteer Participant

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