Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday January 29, 2010 - Poya Day - Full Moon Yay , a National public holiday

Our final day and night in Tangelle at work and at play at the Palm Paradise Resort. Today at the job site we spent our final day together with our Sri Lankan crew finishing the painting of the first trades building (future woodworking trades building), using up the last of the concrete for sidewalks, bushwhacking the jungle at the back of the two buildings (which we are sure will have grown back within weeks), being interviewed by Leah our intrepid, roving reporter and looking forward to our final day at the beach with our group.
We have all worked so hard the
last 10 days: sweating in the gravel pit, hauling concrete, painting and bushwhacking - but, boy did we have fun. Such a diverse group, but none of that mattered. And, we came to be so fond of our Sri Lankan comrades - it was very hard to say goodbye at the end of our final shift. We're sure they can't believe how much Canadians can sweat - and to think in a couple of days we will be whining about the cold back in Kamloops. As Brian Hayashi said "It is so great to have a focal point during a holdiday - the sweaty hard physical work part - which makes all the other parts even more enjoyable and great to look forward to."
Yesterday, we all went into town
to get our sarongs for this evening's full moon party at the resort so we are a very festive, tired, happy group tonight. Tomorrow is an early day for some power shopping in Tangalle on the way for our marathon flight back home. We have been so spoiled here, both at the resort and in town - it might be a rude awakening to have to cook, do laundry and go to our other jobs!
There is a consensus that most of us will do this again - and so
many of us want to return to Sri Lanka. How could we not - great people, cows on the beach, dogs everywhere, tropical fruit and smiles on every corner. What a great group my family and I were so lucky to spend two weeks with - sweating our butts off, laughing, crying, observing, sharing, eating, teasing, philosophizing, learning to bobble as only the Sri Lankans can, swimming,thinking, being inspired, teasing...We will miss the land and the group.

Ruth Hayashi
DWC Volunteer Participant

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