Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st, 2010: Work Day Three

Team ONE:
Something funny happened on the way back from the site and the book remained in situ. I guess they didn’t have anything to report which is a bad sight. A large report will be expected from them tomorrow. Especially considering the amount of boasting they have been doing about their progress.

Team TWO:
On the way through Tangalle Ranjith accosted the vehicle and an incomprehensible conversation took place about who knows what. On the work. One of the big events of the day was the arrival of SUPPLIES consisting of 2 paint brushes, 15 bags of cement, and 10 bags of something to make white wash...Then lo and behold a dump truck arrived and it dumped more sand on the site for the weary to run back forth with in wheel barrows and sift and so on. There was some difficulty in restraining Baba who went for a ride on Nuwan’s bicycle when he was supposed to be working. Rasika, one of the sons of Somaseeli, came to visit and is coming back in a few days with his 10 month old baby. He unfortunately lost his foot when he stepped on a landmine but is in terrific shape. George was busy, confined to one room. Baba had to be sent to another site for the afternoon where his brawn was necessary to replace Team Leader Janet who was off to view the dancing. He probably had trouble keeping up her pace of furious and frenetic activity. SOMEBODY put cement hand prints on the back of t-shirts and Bomba suffered the indignity of having them put on an unmentionable part of her body. BUT a lot of work was done and the front yard was cleaned up by Susan, Hilary and Thilini and occasionally Baba. Plaster in each room and one more room was finished and a good start on the living room. 8 mixes of concrete for the walls were mixed. Wonderful teas were brought to us and we were spoiled. The team excelled and worked steadily.

This team is really moving with their sifting, making mud and plastering. The team of Podik, Ajit, Senevi and Lakshman on site when the team arrived. Neighbour Dimuthil was working on site as well. As well 15 bags of cement were delivered. Steve joined the Team THREE for the afternoon while Janet and Bruce went to view the dancing. Steve was shocked by how organized the work site was but he adapted quickly. Rain of purity watered all the rocks and a cool that lasted for at least 5 minutes before the steam arose again. Podi taught the team to mix rocks, sand and cement for the floor. Made three batches and an very efficient use of the wheel barrow to transports floor mixture to in large amounts which resulted in 2 rooms floors being done in 1 1/2 . An amazing feat. Baba will be transporting the new technique to Team 2 to improve speed as there is one floor left to do. High motivation at the site. Everyone worked very hard. Police came by for a visit all armed but left smiling after a friendly chat. A new shovel would be helpful. Great work team!

Daily Scruff-us
After work, Bruce and Janet went back to Ketakalawatta for Madu’s dance class. Madu is a very expert folk dancer and her life ambition is to go to University and become a professional dancer which involves instruction, practice and theory. We are sponsoring Madu to teach the beautiful country folk dance to younger children in the village. It was amazing and deeply moving to see 16 young women (6-16) learning this art.

Finally, the fearless and legendary Amalie is going to arrive Thursday morning at 3:30 from London having blown away the volcanic ash personally! It was a bit chilly in London wandering around in clothes for Sri Lanka. Everyone will be happy to see her and the tempo will pick up again. We had a wonderful lunch made by Senevi and Chamelie. Everyone voted to have them do it again if they will. What a great treat. Ron, Bomba and George stopped in town where Ron purchased another pair of those desirable sandals since his disappeared. The day ended with a fierce competition between Bruce and Baba.

Developing World Connections Participant
Hilary Bruun

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