Monday, April 26, 2010

April 22nd, 2010:

Daily Scruffus Thursday, April 22nd

Yahoo! Amalie is coming to-day and the team will be complete!

Yoga as usual on the beach but Ron headed for the bushes on the way to the yoga pad. But no one thought too much because he was extremely discreet about his business. In fact he instructed Steve in the finer points of Yoga in spite of his looming problem. A few members were missing from yoga although we were joined by a glamourous new guest which caused Baba Steve to only stretch in one direction thereby causing a a slight deformity in his manly form. Ron, of course, was not interested at all!!!
In the afternoon we were treated to a wonderful visit to Ketakalawatta Primary School where we observed the sweetest children practicing their English. They sang, the worked in a circle doing various activities chanting in English what they were doing. Steve Baba and Nama Sterling managed to created an atmosphere of excitement by joining in and leading the children who loved every minute of it. Janet lead a Q and A of English words and thanked everyone for receiving us.

Then it was on to Daffodil Computer and English School where the whole school was assembled for the presentation of Computer and English Certificates for those who had passed. Certificates were presented by Janet and other volunteers. Principal Bandula made a speech of appreciation and a plea for continued support. Janet spoke eloquently about Trip Canada and our appreciation for the ceremony which was held once we were there for which the students waited until we got to Sri Lanka. Janet also reiterated Developing World Connection's and Trip Canada’s continuing support for their programs. Various students made speeches in English. Baba Steve and Nama Sterling went to the computer room and committed to go and sort out some problems on Saturday when a class will be held at 9 AM!!! Good work boys to help on your day off!!

Team ONE -
All were laid low sadly by something mysterious. No shows at breakfast. Purging only to-day but no parging. Newly named Team Immodium went to the work site but left at 11AM returning to Palm Paradise and took the local cure of Coffee and lime. Runny Ron even had a brief visit to the hospital where he got the cure. All are recovering well having taken to their beds for the day for things to settle down. No work on the site for the day by the team. A case of food poisoning we think.

Team TWO
BBBC Team was in great form and headed to Somaselli’s along with Team Three headed to Lakshman’s when the vehicle screeched to a halt in front of the garbage dump above which was a poster of our illustrious Nama. All leaped out and photos were taken of Nama Sterling in all his glory. The police came by on a motor cycle and upon recognizing the son of the President posing in front of his own picture just about drive off the road smiling.

On the work site all went well and shellacking, painting and sanding of the window frames was going on a great pace. Susan, Ron and Steve were working on this but Nilantha spotted Oma, Hilary( Bomba) of Amalie ( who we think he likes) and said “you want work?”. Is "no" an option? So Bomba went to work quickly. All was well until her trowel went flying out the window all on it’s own. This further humiliated her as now they were all laughing. BUT she finished her wall by lunch time.

All rooms are progressing well and the house is looking amazing. Steve was back on site which helped a lot. Great day and the team worked really hard and well and a lot was accomplished. The bedrooms should all be plastered shortly. White washing is already well under way in bedroom One. Great work on a great day.

This team which is known as Team Awesome has method and efficiency. Same people at the work sight except Bryan who had to go back to Canada as he was not at all well. Fantastic masons on this team. Very open and friendly and encouraging. They love to have everybody plastering. Almost finished 3rd bedroom and 2 floors done to-day and almost finished floors. Team leader Amalie arrived to relieve Janet finally. A great tea was served and all were satisfied. Names signed in cement on the floor for a permanent memory. The production is amazing and all the floors are almost finished. This team is hot.

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