Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Continuing to bridge the digital divide

Today, John Dumo and I had the opportunity to go to one of the small schools in the Tangalle community that clearly needed our help (i.e. some kids didn't have shoes and the classrooms had very little school supplies). We had noticed last week that their one and only computer was not working (we're not sure it ever worked) so with the help of the Softchoice Cares funds, donations from my friends and family and John's technical knowledge, we were able to purchase a new one and install it. This one computer will be available to the 50 students that go to this school. For most, if not all, this will be their first time having access to a computer. We also had the chance to visit the children in the classrooms. They kept saying "Good morning!" while waving and giving us the brightest smiles. It took all my energy to not reach out and give them group hugs! I will never forget those smiling faces.

Most of us take computers for granted in North America, yet here in Sri Lanka, they are over the moon when we bring 1 single computer for a whole school...

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Sri Lanka 2010

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