Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Memories

It's been almost two weeks here and almost time to say good bye. The past week and half have been full of memories. Part of me is a bit home sick, I miss my wife, my dog, my family and friends - another part wishes I can be here longer. A large part of the love of Sri Lanka is the people. Whenever we're walking down a street, someone will always smile and say hello! I guess we stand out like a neon sign in the city, but everyone is happy to see us. Every morning the children at Tangalle Primary school welcome us with cheers and we feel almost like celebrities. We're not, obviously, we're just everyday people trying to make a difference.

Although I have not been on the work sites as much as my teams, the people I've met will be forever in my memory. During the Habitat for Humanity build, yesterday in Galle, a very pretty young woman in a very nice dress started helping us. She always had a smile on her face and never hesitated to participate with us. The funny thing was, I think she was a neighbor for the house we were working on and she didn't care about the possibility of getting dirty.

As the week winds down, the memories will live forever in our hearts. These memories will be shared with our friends, family and team members...

DWC Participant
Sri Lanka 2010

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