Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: The importance of our presence

Today was our seventh day of work. Residents and tourists both compliment us on the work we are doing and the impact we are making. Everyone seems to recognize the importance of it and we are given generous appreciation accordingly. And, we've certainly learned the importance of our presence being in the computer lab for an extended period as training is just so necessary as virtually no one has ever used a computer before.

And every day we continue to learn more about the people and the hard conditions of daily life. Today was simply exhausting - by far my most difficult. Yet, from those we dug and made cement with we know it is just part of the daily grind - and it's better to have work than to not. So many get by with so little, are happy, but realize there is more out there in the world and simply want a means to truly make their own way. It is wonderful to be making such a specific impact on exactly that opportunity. It makes me proud to work for Softchoice and be here with such a strong group of individuals. I am fearful for our final day. The celebrity appeal from the students continues, so each day after hundreds of high-fives the students ask us with hopeful eyes "You here tomorrow?". It will be tremendously difficult to finally have to say no.

DWC Participant
Sri Lanka 2010

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