Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Day 1 - Arrival

It's been two days since we've gotten here. The computer lab is in great shape and as we have internet access here, we're now able to blog and post pictures (hopefully more frequently).

We arrived in Sri Lanka, around 3am in the morning. We were greeted by Dave and Nick - at that point we've been traveling for around 24 hrs. But we still had 6 more hours to go. Our driver Anil drove us through Colombo and through the surrounding area to get us to the Palm Paradise Cabanas.

The Palm Paradise Cabanas is a beautiful place, it's almost surreal. We can hear the ocean waves continuously and the beach is awesome. Everyone we've met in Sri Lanka has been very nice and generous. Georgina was also greeted with some new friends - a small pack of puppies looking for attention!

By 4:30pm everyone was exhausted. Most of us have traveled for 30 hours (or more) and trying to stay up was quite the exercise. We had an assortment of curry for dinner and boy was that delicious!

I think it's safe to say by the time dinner was finished, everyone crashed and had a good night sleep! More to come.

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Sri Lanka 2010

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