Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Day 2

Yesterday was our first day where we had the opportunity to start working. However, before all three teams went to their posts to work (locations were: computer lab at school, a Tangalle family home and the Kalawatta Trades Training Center) we were given a tour of our locations all three locations plus we went to the Kelakettawatta community. Each place we went we were treated like royalty. The people here are so friendly and hospitable.

The first visit was the school. I got goosebumps when I saw the beautiful children lined up to greet us. They also gave us each a stack of beetle leaves which is a gesture to welcome us. Children were beating the drums and waving to us with huge bright smiles.

We then went to visit some homes that were built by Developing World Connections. We saw the before and after homes and even though the new ones were very modest in our standards the contrast was unbelievable. It feels good to be able to see what kind of impact we have with just a few weeks of work.

At the Kelakettawatta community, we were greeted with a welcome sign and each family stood at their door-front to greet us as we walked down the street. We were served a lunch before we headed to our work locations.

We only spent a few hours of work in the afternoon but let me tell you, we already have an appreciation for the workers who do this regularly. At the Kelakettawatta Trades Training Center, we dug holes with no machines!! At the Tangalle family home, the group learned how to spackle walls. After a short day of work (which seemed much longer), most of the folks took swim at the beach and after dinner everyone went to sleep.

We're looking forward for day 3!

DWC Participant
Sri Lanka 2010

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