Friday, October 22, 2010

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Day 3

Oh boy, it’s our third day here and it’s been exhausting. We’ve started work at all the sites (the first full day) and we have a whole lot of our folks tired and exhausted but our spirits keep on going. Some of the highlights are:

- David MacDonald, Softchoice President, himself sporting a few nice juicy blisters (we followed the Sri Lankan technique for digging holes which was quite primitive compared to our North American standards)

- The children at Tangalle Primary School swarming around us and asking the Softchoice Cares board for autographs. Picture a rock concert and a dozen white North Americans amongst a hundred children holding up their notepads and asking for our autographs. So what did we do? We gave them our autographs!! Now we know what it feels like to be celebrities.

-The computer lab is finally setup!! We had our first set of visitors after classes – the kids sure are learning fast. However, the teachers are our number 1 priority, the first set of classes start tomorrow.

-James Corless shaking his booty at the late night beach party!

It was a long hard day, the team is tired! We still got a few more days ahead of us and we’re all pumped and excited!

DWC Participant
Sri Lanka 2010

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