Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 11 - Painting Walls, Moving Bricks, Pouring Cement and then a Shave!

Well, the count down is on. Two more sleeps until we leave. It seems as though we just got here. Time has flown by so fast we and wish we could slow it down. When we arrived at work today,people started to get the hang of painting. We had to put on a primer, then the paint arrived so we started to paint. As we were painting the walls, we found out that it was the wrong paint colour. We just painted one coat with the wrong colour and we will put the second coat on tomorrow with the right colour.

We had to move the bricks one more time, hopefully it will be the last! We also poured some more concrete for the pillars and we finished those by the end of the day.

Seven of the men went into town today to get a shave and haircut. They first started with a yellow cream that was brushed on the face, then they took a straight razor and started to shave. After that they massaged the face like you would not believe. Lots of lotions and oils were used. A scalp rejuvenator was used on the scalp for a wonderful, tingly head sensation. Nelson, the head barber, was not willing to charge Tim because he is a faithful customer! (handsome too)

More chilli chicken tonight and our last day tomorrow. There will be 13 of the team heading to a rural school tomorrow for a kids camp. There will be over 100 children there who may not have heard the English language spoken before. What a day that will be.

Tomorrow night is our last night here. We have all gotten sarongs and saris for our last dinner together. We are looking forward to that but we are not looking forward to our last night here. We have all enjoyed the work, the friendships and the experience. I have really enjoyed my stay in Sri Lanka and I hope to come back another time!

Ethan Kasten 
DWC participant 
Sri Lanka 2011


Carole Gillis said...

Great to hear from you, Ethan, but really, has it been better than school? ;) That's hard to imagine. I'm sure your teachers and classes are looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. Let me know ifyou're presenting to any of your classes.

Bruno the bass guy said...

Nice Job Ethan, loved to hear about the exciting things you did there. Can't wait to hear more about them when you get back.