Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 10 - Work, Coconuts and Gum!

Normally one dreads a Monday; however here, each day is as exciting as the next. As we headed to work today, we discovered we were almost done shoveling dirt and wheelbarrowing - YAY. While on site our thoughts had time to wonder as we moved bricks once again. Even though it feels like we have moved bricks and dug dirt over and over again, we are making a difference in thousands of children's lives. The building that we have helped with will stand for years upon years, giving them the opportunity that we sometimes take for granted here in Canada: an education.

Ok now moving on the more exciting parts we have throughout the day! Today one of the workers demonstrated how they are able to climb palm trees with only their feet and hands (remember there are no branches) It was so neat to see. After he climbed the tree he threw down at least 15 coconuts! mmmmmm! We were able to watch how they quickly cut away the top of the coconut and make a hole at the top to drink from.; something we just can't get in Canada. We were each given a coconut and quite enjoyed the fresh juice which made up for the lack of ice cream that was not delivered today. Hopefully tomorrow we will hear the ice cream truck coming and be able to run down and grab our money like when we were kids. Wow, never thought we could be so happy to hear that traditional tune!

As work ended we were able to walk back to our resort, stopping when we met kids to share our gum (thanks Jackie and John for bringing that!!!) The smiles on the children's faces glowed and the grins grew even bigger when Mitch handed out hats (Again - great thinking Magic Mitch!!!) Amanda was able to go to a shop and select a sari with some other ladies that joined her (thanks for Raelene for taking us all down there). As for Stacie, she had a relaxing time on the beach, enjoying her nice cold beverage! It is a great refreshment on a hot hot day. Now we are off to enjoy a home cooked meal by Nirasaha, who has graciously invited all 22 of us to his house. We are so excited and thankful!
Goodnight to us but good morning to you!

Stacie and Amanda! Thing one and Thing two. DWC Participants, Sri Lanka 2011

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