Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 9 - The Cave Temple and Learning Cricket

Today was our second day off since we've been here so we decided to take in some local sightseeing and culture. En route to the Cave Temple we stopped in at a local market where many bought sarongs for our wind up dinner 3 nights from now. The market was bustling with locals and tourists alike, shopping for food and clothing. The Cave Temple had many rooms carved out of the mountainside which were ornately painted by people from times past. The first rooms were at the base of the mountain, then to see more the climb began. The climb was broken up at different levels to view more cave rooms each with a Buddha lying on its side in the rest and relaxation position. The climb to the top promised a spectacular view. After 527 steps we were not disappointed. The view of the lush valleys some 3000 feet below were endless.

In the afternoon we had a sports day with a large group of locals. We enjoyed learning to play cricket with mixed teams and had a good laugh doing so. A friendly game of soccer, or football as some call it, followed. There were about 20-25 players per side and it was amazing how we overcame the language barriers to play as a team. Prior to our leaving the playing field we presented the locals with tennis balls for their cricket games, and soccer balls and soccer jerseys. They were well received and very happy. Tonight will be a curry and rice buffet then a good nights sleep will be needed for a hard day's work tomorrow.

Derek, DWC volunteer.

PS from Donna, DWC volunteer

Best day yet! Hugs and kisses to friends and family in Canada. Miss you and love you lots and wish you were here :). Can't wait to see you all again. Yes I'm even missing the cold Kamloops weather.

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