Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 8 - A Well Deserved Evening of Fun and Another Successful Work Day

Last night after work we headed out to the Lagoon Paradise Resort for a change of scenery and dinner. The sunset was absolutely breathtaking. As the sun was going down, a fierce game of beach volleyball was underway and the banter was flying from both sides. As the dinner conversation died down, the music turned up. Some of the team members began showing their moves on the dance floor and before long, the entire team was bustin' a move. The highlight of the night was when a couple of the team members decided to make use of the wood pillar on the dance floor and show off their amateur talents. They even made 100 rupees ($1!). Shortly after, Tim kindly reminded us that we still had to work in the morning and should probably end the dance party. With one song left, Ruwan showed us the moves.

Today was a quieter day at the job site. Some of the team members went to a school to help the teachers in Tangalle with some techniques for teaching english to the kids. The rest of us spent the day learning how to stucco from Pody and continuing the never ending job of moving dirt. By 9am this morning a victory was won and the excited shouts were heard across the site as a tree stump was finally removed. Thankfully the ice cream truck made an appearance today at tea time. Prices didn't seem too inflated.
We were all invited to Anil's home today for tea. One of the students that is being sponsored in University in Galle by TripCanada in Toronto was presented with a brand new laptop. His appreciation and gratitude was felt by everyone in the room as he promised to study very hard.
On the way back, we took a quick tour of the harbour and seaside area that was hit by the tsunami. The grave sites along the water gave us all a reminder of the reasons we began on our journey to Sri Lanka. We made a quick stop at Moonstone Villas and saw the project in progress that Raelene has been working on for the last 18 months. The resort is beautiful and is not even finished yet.
And now its time to have some more chili chicken for dinner - a team member favourite!

Sarah Kilback & Kym Fowles
DWC Participants
Sri Lanka 2011

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