Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DAY 4 - Something Different, Something Memorable

Hello all!

Today was a fabulous day! Each day brings something different, something memorable.A few highlights of the day: A snake fell from the heavens today onto Debby who hates snakes....her squeals could be heard, I'm sure, from the next town over.

A few of us went to a pre-school today to speak and play with the children. We were greeted with huge smiles and a few hello's and good mornings...very impressive to see 3-5year olds speaking English. Their eyes lit up when we gave them the treats and my eyes filled with tears at the pure happiness that such a simple thing brought them.

We were all greatly disappointed that the ice cream man was a no show...his tuk-tuk must have broken down for him to have missed out on so much business today. We look forward to the annoying little song that the truck plays...and yes, it is the same annoying song that all ice cream trucks play at home.

We worked long and hard today but accomplished much. Afterwards the beach beckoned us, and we played in the HUGE waves of the Indian Ocean, soaked up the sun and drank some cold ones. Now, as I write this, the meeting room is full of laughter as the DWC team is waiting for dinner. Playing ping pong, listening to ipods, telling stories of the day and acting like we have known each other far longer than 4 days. I look around and see happiness. And tomorrow awaits us, with so much more in store....

Ps..Terry and Tim(much to Debby's relief) went to town today and got a hot shave with a massage and mini facial...all for $1.50...see a buck or two really can still buy you something...

Jackie, Johnny and Brody

DWC Participants

Sri Lanka


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terry eshelman said...

LOVE TO HEAR.....your dad isn't the only one scared of snakes !
LOVE TO HEAR.....the ice cream truck is called a "tuk tuk" !
LOVE TO HEAR....that the song "head + shoulders" is becoming a world wide national anthem amongst children !
LOVE TO HEAR....hard work pays off
LOVE TO HEAR....that going to the spa is really only $1.50 ! Wow !
LOVE TO HEAR....that new friends are like old friends.
and most of all....
LOVE TO HEAR.....that our kids are
MAKING A DIFFERENCE on the other side of the world.
and that in its self is truely very humbleling as a parent.

Jack + Terry Eshelman
(Jackie's parents)
Wpg.Mb. Canada