Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011: DAY 3 - A Participant's Perspective.

Today we poured lots and lots of concrete, very 'hard' work :). The ice cream tuk-tuk arrived just on time at 10:00 again today playing it's 'stick in the brain' tune that we all love to hum and laugh about.

Later in the afternoon a few of us went to Ketakalawatta school where children learn English. Norma taught them a song "Head and shoulders, knees and toes' - the children sang along in very good English. After that we went to a potters house to see the pottery that is being made for Developing World Connections Team Leader Raelene Shea. Raelene recently moved to Tangalle from Kamloops and built and opened a small resort hotel. After, when we were leaving, up the hill came Poda one of our work site buddies. Turns out we had parked the van right beside his house when we went up the hill to the potters house. Poda was very pleased to introduced us to his wife, son and daughter and show us where he lived. Poda has the biggest, brightest smile and I love working along with him. Today we traded hats and he was going to give my Kamloops Community Safety hat to his 11 year old son. I feel so fortunate to be having this incredible experience and hope to be able to come back again in the years to come.

Donna Lapierre

DWC Participant

Sri Lanka 2011

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