Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011: Day 2 on the project with 22 volunteers.

We hit the job site before 8:00 am and found that most of the water that we had baled out of the holes yesterday had come back in. There has been so much rain over the last 3 months that the water table in the ground is very high. We were able to get one of the grade beams in the floor ready to pour and all of the rebar tied for the second one. Another truck load of bricks showed up today much to everyones delight.

A Chain Gang quickly formed and we got it done. I think we will market the Sri Lankan Chain Gang as the next fitness craze. You get your cardio, your weight training and a thousand laughs all in one.

After all of the rain that they have been having it looks like the sun is here to stay,(knock on wood). A few have forgotten my warnings about sun screen and there are a few red noses, cheeks and backs but all agree that it is still better than frost bite.

The ice cream tuck-tuck showed up today and hit the jack pot. We cleaned him out. I'm sure he will be back every day

Tim Kasten, Team leader, Sri Lanka 2011

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Carole Gillis said...

Hi Kasten family! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Here at Brock, we're watching the blog and looking forward to hearing from Ethan. Keep working hard.