Monday, April 27, 2015

April 22: Day 4 - Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day and we are working alongside our Sri Lankan colleagues, building a better community.

We are divided into three work teams and rotating around three sites. So while we are creating a team identity, we are also sharing stories about all sites. Each of us takes great interest and pride in how all sites are progressing.

Today Team 1 had the opportunity to work with Amalie at Palatheduwa Buddhist Temple. They unloaded two truckloads of bricks, and passed the bricks alongside the monk, who chose to join in. To work alongside a monk…that was special. Several volunteers visited the sacred temple and were awestruck by its beauty and magnificence.

Team 2 was parging the walls in the new computer room at the Muslim school. They loved having the children in their uniforms watching them as they sifted the sand. Some were shy and stayed back. Others wanted to chat, showing their knowledge of English. Watching them on the playground made us realize the joy of simple play, not seen enough in our own communities.

Team 3 – yes, this team was also parging! George was back parging after a previous trip and was proud of his skills. Team 3 had this awesome experience of having the female monk react to the upstairs community room they had decorated – cleaned, painted, and organized. They realized they had made the monk happy and it made them all so happy in return. They all posed for a group photo including the temple dogs. Thank you Joan for applying your design skills and making the room come alive. 

Our evening was capped with a perfect dinner on the beach – sand and surf, crescent moon and twinkling stars, warm breeze, a bonfire, and lots of conversation. Sharing our stories and reliving our very special Earth Day.

Janet McKelvey
DWC/TRIP Canada Team Leader
Sri Lanka, April 2015

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